Sunday, December 27, 2009

December '09

Why must it go by so fast. Here we are again to another end of year with the same wishes on my list of accomplishments and "to do's" still not done. I'm recently crying and hurting on the inside for a couple I don't even know. I find myself petitioning before the Father on their behalf many times throughout my day. They are Matt and Lauren Chandler. Matt is the lead pastor at The Village Church in Highland Village (Dallas area). Matt has been our (Brett and my) sabbatical teacher. Refueling and feeding us as we minister to others. He has retaught us so many things, brought us to our knees, lovingly and sternly unapologetic preached Gods word to us weekly. We have podcast his sermons for years. Each week eagerly waiting for it to be up on i-tunes and then discussing how it taught us. We've grown to love, admire, and respect Matt and his wife Lauren from a far. On Thanksgiving morning Matt had a seizure. ( his first ever) He fell hit his head and was taken to the hospital. Once there they did testing and realized he had a brain tumor. I don't want to mess up facts, it is all on their website
both give details on his health and video of Matt speaking. As I petition and ponder I think about how this could be anyone of us. God choose Matt for this time to lead him through this and to bring him closer to him through this. Josh Patterson preached after these things happened on Jars of Clay. 2Cor. 7 About how the outer man wastes away but the inner man is renewed to look like the son. These things are momentary. My prayer today is I will be mindful of the frailness of life and we are just shells. That we will live each day to the fullest.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This morning I am in a sense of awe and praise. As most of you know Brett and I have run Pennington Service Company for 8 long years. It has been a rough 8 years. Feeling called to ministry and most days feeling pulled between church and business. We had done youth ministry at FBC Kyle with Chris and Tahrea Smith since 2000. And assisted Robert Irmen in the Children's Ministry since 2000. Then in 2007 took on the Children's ministry. Then Brett was ordained as a deacon in 2007. All this time feeling a call to ministry. THEN in spring 2009 deciding to "go".... no more waiting for the right time. We left our home church and Brett enrolled in Regents University. Planning to attend seminary after. This was a HUGE leap of faith for both of us. It was to the point where we felt like we were being disobedient by not following this calling. Last week Brett was brought on as Intern to Pastor Jonathan Leftwich at "The Creek". Then yesterday found out he was hired on as a teacher at The Gary Job Corps in San Marcos to teach and mentor underprivileged youth. A paid steady job doing all 3 things that God has trained him in. Ministry, Air Conditioning, and teaching. He will have insurance, benefits and teacher retirement. ( We have never had any of these things!) A School schedule, the same as our kids. Still being able to run his business after school each day. SO.... all this to say I'm in awe. In a mindset of praise and admiration to Gods faithfulness. Overwhelmed by his love and grace that we so don't deserve. Humbled......

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Fun

Me and my beautiful friend Anne and our fun Mums we got each other
My yummy cake that my kids and Miss Linda made me.

Birthday Blog

October 23rd 1979..... wow. This has been a long time coming. I really never thought this day would come. It seems strange like I beat the odds. Like I'm some rare bread. Trouble-making rebel preachers kid who actually reached the old age of 30. It was hard for me when Brett turned 30. The thought of being married to a 30 year old, or even being intimate with him aren't their laws against that. :) GROSS. Just kidding. It is surreal to me that I'm finally here. Each year is a gift. This long road was bumpy, twisted, winding, with cliffs on each side of me. 2 words progressive sanctification. I am not what I once was. And I'm not yet what I'm going to be. I had a fun weekend. I got to swap mums with my friend Anne. Go to the football game, go to a movie with my kids, and had surprise visits from my Mom and my best forever friend Sarah and her pretty boy Alex. It was a good weekend. I want to say a special Thank you to all of you for sticking it out with me through the tough times. For loving the unlovable and enduring this road with me. You'll never know how much it means. Thanks You God. Thanks for this life you've given me. Attached is one of my favorite songs. This is my song of praise to God for another year. If you have time watch it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Are you approachable?

I really try hard to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they've had a rough day. Maybe they have huge things in their lives that cause them to act a certain way. Or to not be at their best. Gods Anointed.... people who are called by God to a leadership position weather it is a deacon, a city official, a preacher or leader at a church, or a president (extreme I know, I'm not really talking about politics here just giving an example) have a big job. You are being watched how you act, what you say. The kids song "Oh be careful little eyes what you see" comes to mind. If you don't know it it goes... Oh be careful little eyes what you see, Oh be careful little eyes what you see, For the Father up above is looking down in love, oh be careful little eyes what you see...... Then it's repeated with little ears what you hear instead of eyes then little hands what you do.
I teach my children to respect their elders. I want them to be mindful of people who have an authority over them and to be kind and loving. But today it has been on my mind in a frustrating way so much so that I had to write this in hopes that certain people will read this. ARE YOU MINDFUL THAT YOU ARE BEING WATCHED? Not in a creepy stalkerish way. In a way that... the next generation is watching you. Teens, tweens, and children. They look up to you. They are walking with the hope that some Sundays you just make eye contact with them or say hi. Are you approachable. I would hope so. In our place of worship I put a big emphasis on leadership. If my child cannot come and talk to me about something is she or he able to come and talk to you? ARE YOU APPROACHABLE? Or are you so enveloped your little group of friends and clicks with in the church that it leaves no room for those who may be needing to be ministered to? Teachers, are you so busy with school work and grades and being observed that you forget that there are students who may need you? Who may need someone to talk to. I understand that everyone has stress and is busy. I'm just saying you were put in this position of leadership for a reason. Are you worthy of their respect? Maybe this is just a friendly reminder that there are people who look up to you. Maybe you should think about it for a while..... I need people who are worthy of my children to look up to.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


God is so awesome. When we least expect it and least deserve it he is there for us, willing to forgive and embrace us again and again. I'm such a messed up person yet he loves me and shows me it everyday. My struggles and insecurities are nothing to him. He sees past them. You are loved. Even when you don't think so.
Some thoughts running through my mind lately are.... missional living.... How to live in this neighborhood where they know about Christ and openly reject him........ Balance of school and home and values......... Brett.... as he is preparing to send his resume out to churches that it will be the right ones and God will give him wisdom........ Protection for our sweet bee bee's. They are bombarded with things everyday that go against out beliefs and pray that they will have a hedge of protection around them......... And finances. It is our slow season and we have bills piling up that we have no idea where the money to pay them will come from. I pray that we will be provided for and that the income will be there......and sanity. That I will be the Godly wife and mother I need to be.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have some friends who have decided to make some life changing choices lately. Some very hard stomach churning choices. One friend has been obedient to a call to become a missionary. She is not going to return to the university she had been attending. She knew her parents would be disappointed but chose to full fill this calling. I have some other friends who have made the choice to go from a 2 income family to a one income family. Giving up luxuries and comfort and having to sell their home that they love in the process. I have other friends who have chosen to home school their children instead of sending them to public. Feeling a call to be obedient to Gods calling is not easy. I have many people in my life who truly don't understand the choices I have made and am making. My open and honest "Libby response" is I am madly and passionately in love with my creator. It is a stronger love than I have ever witnessed before. My thoughts are drawn to him constantly. The qualities that I admire in others I know all come from him. I know some of you will never understand. And I'm OK with that. To some it is the scent of life and others it is the scent of death. But obeying out of love is one of the most peaceful choices you can make. When others looking in are confused at why in the midst of madness you are calm it is because of love. A quote we use sometimes in our home is "if it's not immediate it's disobedient". May you choose to be immediate today even in the hard choices.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Benjamin. All boy-all the time. He was prayed for over and over. That God would bless us with a son. And God heard our cries and blessed. He's just cool like that.
Bridget my princess, my girly girl. Chooses dresses over shorts and t's. Loves nails, hair and talking about boys :) My cuddle bug.
My sweet girl Beatrice. So creative and artistic. Great things ahead for this precious girl.
Bailey Boo. It's hard to believe this is the same little baby girl that brought me to my knees and changed my life forever.

Brett can never be serious in a picture. So here is me and Mr.McCreepy

Tummy trouble

This Monday is starting kinda slow. I have tummy issues this morning and can't be far from the restroom. It is one of those gross things that no one ever wants to deal with. I pray it starts and ends with me and that my children and husband do not get it. Please pray for me today. All nastiness aside.....

Yesterday Pastor Jonathan had a message that was truly life changing. He and some other dear friends returned last Wed. from a mission trip to Honduras. He came back and shared some things that God revealed to him. He spoke of living within our means, changing our mindsets to realize how comfortable we are as Americans. How wealthy we are. Really discerning between needs and wants. That our definition of hungry and rich and the people of Honduras's definition are two different things. It reminded me a lot of Francis Chan's book Crazy Love. I really recommend for you to read this book. Also if you have time you can listen to Jonathan's message at . I try hard to keep fresh on my mind how blessed we are. Don't get me wrong I change the channel every time I see one of the feed the children commercials and love Starbucks. I'm so not as compassionate as I should be. I grew up in a home that was not wealthy. I won't go into detail other than to say I never want my children to have to worry about electricity or water being cut off. Weather there is food to make a lunch or not. I am concerned with the opposite now. Do they know how blessed we are. The home we live in is a mansion compared to the home I grew up in (Compared to the majority of other homes in the world as a whole). Every time I pull into our driveway I am still overwhelmed with a feeling of unworthiness. I worry that my children will never know how blessed they are. I pray that as their mother I would be able to teach them to have a heart for others who are not as blessed. And teach them to have an awareness of how TRULY BLESSED they are. May God reveal to you today how blessed you are.

Thoughts racing through my mind........ Is this tummy bug to slow me down to listen?..........The true definition of poverty...........teaching humble attitudes......... cutting back..........???

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer 09

Summer is a BIZZY time in the Pennington house. Brett's A/C business Pennington Service Company keeps him away most of the summer. He is in the process of going back to school and then on to Seminary. So he is extremely busy. The kids and I stay busy as well. Bailey (12 almost 13) just finished up with select basketball. Beatrice (8) is very artistic and loves dance so there are tons of Beatrice's art projects going on all over the house. Bridget (5) is into tea parties and girly stuff. And Benjamin (3) is a wild man. He doesn't slow down much. He will cuddle with me when I ask. :) He loves his sisters and loves to wrestle. Our wonderful friend Miss Becky has agreed to teach Dance class for the girls so we all are excited about that. We go to the pool most mornings to wear the bees out. I really love summer time and having my kids home from school. I hope we can make some fun memories this summer. We've been attending The Fellowship at Plum Creek on Sunday Mornings and Austin Stone Community Church on Sunday evenings. It's amazing to see all God is doing in both of these areas. We love all the new friends we have made. Some random thoughts and ideas that race through my mind lately I'll share with you....dicipleship.....intentional my house sanitary yet fun......I miss my size 5 jeans.......Dear God please keep me sain......

OK well I'll keep you posted.