Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer 09

Summer is a BIZZY time in the Pennington house. Brett's A/C business Pennington Service Company keeps him away most of the summer. He is in the process of going back to school and then on to Seminary. So he is extremely busy. The kids and I stay busy as well. Bailey (12 almost 13) just finished up with select basketball. Beatrice (8) is very artistic and loves dance so there are tons of Beatrice's art projects going on all over the house. Bridget (5) is into tea parties and girly stuff. And Benjamin (3) is a wild man. He doesn't slow down much. He will cuddle with me when I ask. :) He loves his sisters and loves to wrestle. Our wonderful friend Miss Becky has agreed to teach Dance class for the girls so we all are excited about that. We go to the pool most mornings to wear the bees out. I really love summer time and having my kids home from school. I hope we can make some fun memories this summer. We've been attending The Fellowship at Plum Creek on Sunday Mornings and Austin Stone Community Church on Sunday evenings. It's amazing to see all God is doing in both of these areas. We love all the new friends we have made. Some random thoughts and ideas that race through my mind lately I'll share with you....dicipleship.....intentional my house sanitary yet fun......I miss my size 5 jeans.......Dear God please keep me sain......

OK well I'll keep you posted.