Monday, July 20, 2009

Tummy trouble

This Monday is starting kinda slow. I have tummy issues this morning and can't be far from the restroom. It is one of those gross things that no one ever wants to deal with. I pray it starts and ends with me and that my children and husband do not get it. Please pray for me today. All nastiness aside.....

Yesterday Pastor Jonathan had a message that was truly life changing. He and some other dear friends returned last Wed. from a mission trip to Honduras. He came back and shared some things that God revealed to him. He spoke of living within our means, changing our mindsets to realize how comfortable we are as Americans. How wealthy we are. Really discerning between needs and wants. That our definition of hungry and rich and the people of Honduras's definition are two different things. It reminded me a lot of Francis Chan's book Crazy Love. I really recommend for you to read this book. Also if you have time you can listen to Jonathan's message at . I try hard to keep fresh on my mind how blessed we are. Don't get me wrong I change the channel every time I see one of the feed the children commercials and love Starbucks. I'm so not as compassionate as I should be. I grew up in a home that was not wealthy. I won't go into detail other than to say I never want my children to have to worry about electricity or water being cut off. Weather there is food to make a lunch or not. I am concerned with the opposite now. Do they know how blessed we are. The home we live in is a mansion compared to the home I grew up in (Compared to the majority of other homes in the world as a whole). Every time I pull into our driveway I am still overwhelmed with a feeling of unworthiness. I worry that my children will never know how blessed they are. I pray that as their mother I would be able to teach them to have a heart for others who are not as blessed. And teach them to have an awareness of how TRULY BLESSED they are. May God reveal to you today how blessed you are.

Thoughts racing through my mind........ Is this tummy bug to slow me down to listen?..........The true definition of poverty...........teaching humble attitudes......... cutting back..........???

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