Sunday, December 27, 2009

December '09

Why must it go by so fast. Here we are again to another end of year with the same wishes on my list of accomplishments and "to do's" still not done. I'm recently crying and hurting on the inside for a couple I don't even know. I find myself petitioning before the Father on their behalf many times throughout my day. They are Matt and Lauren Chandler. Matt is the lead pastor at The Village Church in Highland Village (Dallas area). Matt has been our (Brett and my) sabbatical teacher. Refueling and feeding us as we minister to others. He has retaught us so many things, brought us to our knees, lovingly and sternly unapologetic preached Gods word to us weekly. We have podcast his sermons for years. Each week eagerly waiting for it to be up on i-tunes and then discussing how it taught us. We've grown to love, admire, and respect Matt and his wife Lauren from a far. On Thanksgiving morning Matt had a seizure. ( his first ever) He fell hit his head and was taken to the hospital. Once there they did testing and realized he had a brain tumor. I don't want to mess up facts, it is all on their website
both give details on his health and video of Matt speaking. As I petition and ponder I think about how this could be anyone of us. God choose Matt for this time to lead him through this and to bring him closer to him through this. Josh Patterson preached after these things happened on Jars of Clay. 2Cor. 7 About how the outer man wastes away but the inner man is renewed to look like the son. These things are momentary. My prayer today is I will be mindful of the frailness of life and we are just shells. That we will live each day to the fullest.