Monday, June 21, 2010


Its been a rough day. So here is my soap box. I am amazed at the growth or the lack of growth of Christians... I know it is not my place to judge. That's not what this is, it is more of an observation. Do you really think your numbers driven, street preaching, track passing out ministry will really work? If there isn't any follow up and you leave these people with nothing but frustration what good have you done? Frustration towards all Christians. There needs to be a relationship... not preaching. A devotion to living in a tight friendship through tough times and times of fun. Living out what you believe not just having hope that you can draw people into your building on Sundays. Take time to read what you say you believe. The Jesus I read about hung out with Murderers, outcast,and adulterers. And had a relationship with them. I don't see many churches in our area jumping up to meet these people. They would rather have the deep pocketed heavy tither. Who is going to help with their building fund. It is my observation that God still has a lot of work to do in our self-centered hearts. Mine and yours. If you have a chance look up Rob Bell. Nooma Videos- "Bull Horn" It is more deep and clear than I am.

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