Thursday, April 1, 2010


I love the students at Barton Middle School but, there are some students at Barton Middle School that I really love. I enjoy seeing their faces. They are so much fun to be around and make work not feel like work at all. There is one student whom I enjoy having robust dialog with. He is my little brother in Christ. His family attends a church in Austin. We get to talk about what God is doing in different areas. It is very cool. He told me a while back he had been praying for one of his teachers. And asked me if I would too. This teacher is an Atheist. And likes to announce it ever so often. Today as I was in his class with him. This young man made a bold move. He walked over to the teacher and handed him an invitation and an Easter egg. He said Mr. _______, God placed it on my heart to invite you to church this Sunday. I know you might not come. But I had to be obedient and invite you like God said." It was precious. This young mans faith and courage to do this was amazing. This teacher is pretty intimidating.... and this young man obeyed. The teacher was taken back, "Oh son I'll be playing golf this Sunday, you won't find me in a church." And the student said "How about You go to church with me and then I'll go play golf with you". The teacher smiled.... "I'll think about it. "he said I could not believe what I heard and saw. It gave me chills. I went back to the student a little later and told him how proud I was of him. God may not do anything with this.... he may never change his beliefs but there were 20 other kids in that class who witnessed this go down. And It may be a seed planted in one of their hearts. As I pray for this teachers salvation and many of these students I wonder if I would be that bold and obedient if God told me to share with someone like him. Would I brush it off and pretend I didn't hear or come up with another excuse. ..............................My fear of God is greater than my fear of man. I would much rather please him than others.

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