Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring '10

My poor little blog hasn't been touched in a while. I love writing. It is not my giftedness but I enjoy getting my thoughts out. I'm usually scattered and not an organized writer. I jump around a lot. Spring and summer are my favorite seasons. It gives my so much happiness to have things blooming and the sun out. Our spring break was a nice one. Bailey and I went on "The amazing Race" with the Creeks youth. It was so much fun. I loved my team. They were energetic, creative and HILARIOUS! We even joked about not going home and staying together. I missed killa bee and the bee bees so much. The 19th was my baby girl Bridget's 6th birthday so we went to her favorite place Chick Fila or "Chicken Lake" as Benjamin calls it. We celebrated and had a great time. Now we are back to school and the craziness of a busy life again. I'm ready for summer and the bee bees being home again. I'm going to write more later... so much to jabber about and so little time.

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